3 Accessories to Elevate Your Home Theater Experience


We can pretend that our TV isn’t an important piece of our home…but who would we be kidding? Our steaming services have become more like close friends these days. 

Home theaters have been a growing trend that the Parker Gwen team fully supports – as we’ve all been asked “Are you still there?” more times than we’d like to admit. 

A home theater used to mean having a designated room in your basement with matching leather theater seats and a large projector and screen. These days, there are a lot more tools to create a personal home theater experience no matter the size or style of your home (no popcorn machine, tacky movie posters, or outdated leather chairs required). However, there are a few pieces that are key to any quality home theater experience:

1. Sound Bars

Can you really call it a home theater without surround sound? We don’t think so. Even the best TVs cannot compete with the cinematic experience of a high-performance sound bar. 

Sound bars are designed specifically for the home to optimize the sound for each movie scene even when you’re told to turn down the volume, again. 

You can check out our full collection of sound bars here. We recommend a sound bar with Smart capabilities to connect to your Google Home or Alexa, with ease.

2. TV Mounts

When it comes to TVs, there’s one universal truth: they always look better mounted. 

It’s not only aesthetically pleasing, but can also be a great space-saver and give more flexibility to place your TV exactly where you want it. 

You can also choose the exact height of your TV for optimum viewing. 

Our pull down, tilt, and swivel TV mounts add extra viewing flexibility so your screen can follow you anywhere in the room.   

3. Media Consoles

When it comes to styling your home theater, the media console is your foundation. And, for those who aren’t as technologically inclined, it’s the best part! 

This is where your personality gets to shine. You can try open shelving to create more accessibility or go with drawers and cabinets to hide any cords, movies, or gaming consoles. 

You can check out our media console collection here.

Looking for more pieces to enhance your home theater? See our full home theater collection.

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