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Reimagine Your Living Room

At some point, we reach the stage where it's not enough to just move old furniture into a new place. We realize that simply moving furniture from one home to another just doesn't cut it anymore, and you start to reimagine your new space with new furniture, new designs, and new colors.

That was Brandon's thought when he moved to a 3-bedroom, 2,000 square feet town home on the northwest side of Indianapolis. As you enter the town home, there's a small foyer that opens into the living room with a vaulted ceiling, giving you a wide-open space and a feeling that the room is a lot bigger than its 15 foot by 15 foot size.

"When I moved into the town home, I brought some old furniture from the last place as a placeholder," said Brandon, an eCommerce and merchandising channel manager. "I previously lived in a 4,000 square foot home, and it was a nice place to hang out. When I moved, I knew I was making a decision to downsize and simplify."

In the living room sat Brandon's old couch, area rug, coffee table, chair and ottoman, and a TV and sound bar.

"It's all very much just basic stuff," said Brandon. "It's functional, but it's not inviting."


Brandon said he knows he needs to furnish the living room and decorate it so it's pleasing to guests. However, Brandon said that it hasn't been an issue because when friends come over, they tend to congregate in the kitchen and dining area, because it has an island with bar stools and a table.

"The kitchen is more inviting, it has been updated and decorated more," said Brandon. "The other area has become sort of a no-man's land that's never used."


So Brandon decided he would need to make some changes. He started looking into options for decorating, trying to find some different looks for an entire room makeover. He found several looks he liked at several of the pricier furniture merchants, but they were on the higher end of his budget and he wouldn't be able to get everything he wanted.

That's when Brandon found Parker Gwen, and looked over the website and its offerings. He reached out and asked for some initial thoughts on putting together a new room for him.

They gave me some initial looks and found a lot more that could be done with decor and furniture, making it a more inviting space, and for a lot less than the pricey retailers.

Brandon L.

The Parker Gwen design team used images and measurements taken by Brandon to get a better understanding of the specific layout with doorways, wall sizes, and ceiling heights. They were then able to design a room with specific pieces of furniture, including a couch, nesting coffee table, accent tables, two Brooks ebony leather lounge chairs, decor, and an entertainment center.

They have also recommended the rugs, throw pillows, mirrors, wall art, and lighting and lamps to finish out the space.

"What's been nice is that I've been able to go to ParkerGwen.com, build a wish list, and from there the team has been able to run with it," said Brandon. "In most instances, I've used everything they've recommended. I'll pick four or five rugs on the wish list, and they'll bring choices that reflect the design language and tones the team has chosen.

"Other times, they may come up with something new, which I've loved. I've only had to switch out a couple throw pillows, and that's been it. Everything else has been spot on, and in some cases, a better fit for what I had been thinking."

And of course, Brandon had to make some design choices because he's got two dogs that he tries to keep off the furniture, but we all know what happens when the humans are away. So Brandon had to forgo the leather couch and throw rugs with tassels on them.


Now that everything is in place, Brandon is pleased, but he says his girlfriend's parents will be the final confirmation that he's made the right choices.

"I haven't had them over yet, so I'm having them over for dinner in January," said Brandon. "I want them to see a nice, inviting, comfortable place when they come visit. I hope it will impress them and that they know that their daughter is in a nice, comfortable place as well."

Overall, Brandon has been pleased with the level of service he has gotten.

"They've been quick to respond, flexible, and very knowledgeable. That's thanks to how level-headed and customer-oriented Matt (Co-Founder of Parker Gwen) and his team are. They just get it."

Completed makeover images will be showcased in our next blog post. 

If you'd like to learn how Parker Gwen's design team can help you redecorate your own home or even just a few rooms, please contact us.


Plume 96" Sofa

Plume 96" Sofa

Brooks Black Leather Chair

Brooks Leather Chair

Banks Swivel Chair - Ivory

Banks Swivel Chair

Catalina Nesting Coffee Table

Catalina Nesting Table

Trey Bookcase

Trey Bookcase

Tresse Hand Woven Pouf

Tresse Hand Woven Pouf

Roma Rug

Roma Rug

metal clock

Clematisina 32" Clock

Aura Acrylic Painting teal, blue, gold

Aura Acrylic Painting

stone wall art

Stone Wall Art


Cream Color Block Pillows

Faded Blue Pillows

Faded Blue Pillows

tori throw

Tori Woven Throw


victor lamp

Victor Ceramic Lamp

reese floor lamp

Reese Floor Lamp

metal baskets

Black Iron Basket Pair


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