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Create a Cozy Home for Autumn


One thing we love about home decor is the ability to treat it like fashion. You can create decor to match your own unique taste in different rooms. Plus, you can dress your house for different seasons to stay in style all year round. One of our favorite seasons to style? Fall.

It’s hard not to love the Fall season. Everything about it exudes a feeling of warmth and comfort. There are warm colors, rich fabric textures, cozy lighting and comfort food recipes. There is a lot to work with in terms of home decor and preparation as the chillier months draw nearer. We have a few favorite cozy tips to help you create the coziest home feeling you can use in preparation for Autumn’s arrival.

Sink into Soft


Velvet, wool, faux fur, oh my! Whether you’re looking for throw pillows or soft blankets or other decor pieces, Fall offers a multitude of impossibly soft options to keep you cozy all season long. Think snug to shrink an ample open space into a comfortable spot to read a book or spend time with family. Toss some toasty throws over couches, chairs, and in baskets near fireplaces or at the feet of beds. Swap out throw pillows in lighter spring and summer pastels for velvet or other luxurious fabrics. The right warm colors and textures can instantly convert your summer living room into autumnal bliss.


Designer Throws

Be Smart


Part of preparing for the colder seasons is making sure the bones of your house are secure. In addition to giving your fireplace a once-over, sealing windows and getting the furnace checked, get smart about Fall prep/ Smart home tech such as a programmable thermostat or voice assistant can be lifesavers during chilly, busy months. Despite what you may be thinking, smart home tech is not as intimidating as you may think. They are easy to set up and even easier to use. There is enough work to do in preparation, and smart tech can make that prep twice as easy.


Nest 3rd Generation Smart Thermostat

Stay Warm


One of the biggest perks of the Fall season is getting to stay cozy and warm on a brisk, chilly day. When you’re spending a day inside with a movie, a good book, or a family dinner, snug throws and soft pillows are great. Most homes have an area that stays cooler than the rest of house. When you need an added kick of warmth we recommend Mill heaters. Mill produces heaters to ensure that you won’t want to leave the warm nest of your favorite Fall-decorated room until Spring.

Mill Ceramic Fan Room Heater

Breathe Easy

Most everyone loves the smell of the crisp autumn air and fall-scented candles. When you’re not outside breathing in fresh air or taking a break from cinnamon and pumpkin auras, you’ll want to make sure the air you breathe as you relax in your home is good for you. Fall brings many wonderful things, but it can also bring end-of-summer allergens that trigger asthma, as well as adapting to regular colder air exposure. There’s also the possibility of stuffy noses and colds as the chill sets in. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the air in our homes and workplaces can be more polluted than outdoor air in the most industrialized cities and they recommend portable air cleaners as a solution.  To keep your home’s air quality top-notch, we trust Boneco air purifiers and humidifiers. Boneco brings the same crisp, healthy air feel to the inside of your home as is blowing on the outside without the allergen threats and head colds.

Boneco H680 Hybrid Humidifier & Purifier

Fall provides so many wonderful opportunities to make your home a warm, cozy space that you won’t want to leave ever again. If you want suggestions for the best smart home tech or how to coordinate warm hues and textures for the perfect autumn vibe, email us at support@parkergwen.com. One of our customer advocates would be happy to help guide you!

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