Go Beyond the Garden to Make your Outdoor Space Special


Go Beyond the Garden to Make your Outdoor Space Special

An outdoor space can be a peaceful retreat and a place to host a great party and when deciding how to design it, the sky’s the limit (literally!). Whatever your purposes are, there are a number of fun ways beyond flowers to create an outdoor space that you and your family and friends will never want to leave. Polished landscaping is a great outdoor design element, but it’s time to think outside the box when it comes to creating the special outdoor space of your dreams


Before you jump straight into furniture and color palates, take a moment to consider what you have to work with in your outdoor space. If you’re looking at your space and seeing one vast expanse, break it down. Depending on the size and shape of your space, there could be opportunities to break it into sections like a kitchen and dining area, a lounge and fire pit gathering spot, or whatever types of spaces would fit your needs.


After an initial survey of the space, it’s time to get down to the fun part- design! Choose your favorite colors and themes from rustic to eclectic. Find a cohesive design flow to follow that blends the right amounts of bold and muted colors and styles, and from there you can find the best furniture pieces and stylish accessories to fit your design plan.

A Rustic Look
Galvanized steel creates a rustic appearance and has a protective coating to help prevent rusting from the outdoor elements. 


Afraid of Color?
Adding a colorful outdoor throw pillow is an easy and inexpensive way to add some color. Coming in many different colors it's easy to switch in and out based on your desired look. 

Universal Appeal
Ceramic stools have many uses and help add a fun design element to your outdoor space. Use it as a end table, plant stand, extra seat, or foot rest.


Everyone’s favorite part of the design process is picking out all of your signature furniture and decor accents to put your stamp on the space. Whether you are furnishing a more bistro-style small space for just a few people or a large entertaining area to regularly host events, there are a few elements you should consider including.


Amplify your outdoor experience with some speakers to give your space an edge. Imagine hosting an outdoor barbecue. While you’re firing up the grill, you can switch on a sporting event or play some subtle background music on cleverly hidden outdoor speakers and sound systems. A lot of Bluetooth speakers now have water resistant or waterproof ratings to help reduce the risk of damage from water and other liquids. 

Polk Audio Atrium5 Speaker

The Atrium5 is built to withstand the elements. 


Two is better than one, and multi-functional furniture brings you both style and storage and puts the fun in functional. This is a great way to maximize your space and stay stylish at the same time. More often than not, a multipurpose piece will appear in the form of seating, like the Brisbane Outdoor Storage Bench. Gather friends around the fire pit on the August Outdoor Daybed. Keep extra cushions and blankets for the coziest and most comfortable outdoor evening.

BONUS- You can pick furniture that was only meant to serve one function and make it multi-functional to work for your space. For example, the Dario 3 Piece Dining Set benches can be covered with padding and used for extra seating around a fire pit when not in use at the table for full dining.


Outdoor kitchens are becoming more popular. A great option to stay with the party even while cooking. You can help make that dream a reality with a built in counter top grill for your patio. Even if your space can’t quite fit a full outdoor kitchen, you can bring the inside-outside with standalone grills, a bar cart or other fun items. And if there’s food, you can’t forget drinks! Stylish outdoor accessories like the Azov Beverage Tub with Stand help give you everything you need outside.

Like any space inside your home, your outdoor design should reflect you and your intended functions. The nice part about designing a unique outdoor space is that it can serve multiple functions. Inside the house, a living room is usually just a living room. Outside, you can create a space that combines a living room, a kitchen, an entertainment room an, if you’re feeling ambition or outdoorsy enough, a bedroom. Adding some colorful and lush landscaping will be an excellent finishing touch, but be sure to think beyond the garden when designing your outdoor space.

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