Grown-Up Football Viewing: How To Make Your Home Ready For the Big Game


Here at Parker Gwen, we consider ourselves to be Football watching aficionados.

We’re the kids of decades past with Brett Favre posters, a Donavon McNabb giant fathead, an Indianapolis Colts duvet set with matching pillows, and a Jerry Rice print out lazily taped to the wall.  

While our love for football certainly hasn’t lessened, our tolerance of over-the-top football and sports decor certainly has.  

There are surely plenty of adults out there who may be past the fathead stage, but still want their homes to reflect the sport you love. Here are a few tips for setting up your home to be the perfect Football watching space:  

Set Up Stadium Level Viewing

The Big Game on a big screen. Or, even better, one of our Epson 5050UB 4K Pro-UHD Projectors? Sign us up. 

Touchdown? Your setup should make the floor shake. 

Turnover? Hear the call from your surround sound.   

Out of bounds? Get a TV with OLED technology so you can see the call.  

Trust us, the first step in transforming your space into a Football mecca is setting it up with Stadium level technology.  If you’re looking for some recommendations on quality sound and TV systems that make you feel like you’re at the game, start here

Level It Up with Framed Memorabilia

In case we haven’t yet made it clear, Fatheads are not making it into your décor strategy for a sports themed space. 

Instead, decorate your walls with framed memorabilia. That tattered jersey you’ve worn for years? Frame it! An autographed tee shirt? Frame it! An autographed football? Put it in a shadow box! A simple frame or shadow box can go a long way in preserving your most precious Football keepsakes, and decorating your space like an adult, too.

"In case we haven’t yet made it clear, Fatheads are not making it into your décor strategy for a sports themed space... "


A perk of watching from home? Comfortable seating.  

Create an optimal viewing experience by upgrading your space with sofas, sectionals and seating that’s primed for hours of view time. 

To compliment your sports décor, we recommend leather sofas or side chairs, plenty of ottomans and poufs so that your friends can pull up a seat, and loungers for the ultimate level of comfort. Shop our Football watching favorites here.  

Is your space set up for optimal grown-up viewing and hosting? We’d love to hear from you in the comments with your tips and football tricks.

And, be sure to check out tips for hosting Football parties here, here, and here!


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