How To Build The Ultimate Elf Inspired Snack Spread


Here at Parker Gwen we’re ready to get elf’d up for the holidays

Care to join?  Alright, we’re kidding, we’re kidding, kind of… 

In lieu of a traditional cheese plate, veggie snack tray, charcuterie board or hummus spread this holiday season we’ve cooked up something extra special for personal use, small get togethers, and everything in between.

Introducing our Elf Inspired Snack Spread: A Buddy the Elf approved treat that involves the four main food groups. You know — candy, candy canes, candy corn and syrup. We’ve recommended the candy and sweet treats that the Parker Gwen team loves most for this snack spread, but the best part about this special treat is that it can be completely customized to include your favorite candies.




Miniature Powdered Donuts 

Gummy Bears

Candy Canes Marshmallows

Sugar Cookies

Chocolate Candies

Gingerbread Men

Chocolate Covered Pretzels 



Pull out your Parker Gwen Cutting Board (featured in this picture) and start by choosing the biggest items first - Candy Canes, Cookies, Donuts, etc. Choose a spot for each item in different areas of the board.  Next grab a few small sauce bowls and add small candies into them - we recommend using the chocolate candies or mini marshmallows for this step.  Finally, sprinkle remaining candies around the board in the gaps and fill until covered.


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