How to Decorate Your Front Porch for Summer



Everyone who's ever watched HGTV understands the term "curb appeal," and how it makes that all-important first impression on visitors and potential buyers. Not only does curb appeal encompass your landscaping and exterior house colors, it's also the look and style of your front porch.

Whether you want to sit outside in the evenings and relax, or you just want to give people a sense of your style and personality before they ever come into your house, there are a few ways you can decorate your front porch for the summer.

Area Rugs

Area rugs can add some color to your concrete or wood floor. For some people with smaller porches, you can do a lot just by adding a bright and colorful outdoor area rug or runner.

Most of our outdoor rugs are made from polypropylene or PET-yarn, a product made completely from recycled plastic bottles. That makes them more weather resistant than natural fiber-based rugs made of cotton or wool, which are only used indoors.

Some designers are even adding door mats on top of smaller area rugs to create a layered effect on their clients' front porches.

Outdoor Planters

Add some outdoor plants in planters to add some greenery to your porch. Small bushes, potted palms, and plants that don't require a lot of sunlight are great additions under your porch roof. Just remember to water them regularly, since they probably won't get the normal rainfall.

Also, we're seeing an increased interest in cement planters in certain parts of the country, especially around Washington state, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, and Florida. Depending on your interior decoration style, a concrete planter can project your design ideas outside, extending the look and feel of your home another few feet.

Outdoor Furniture

If your porch is big enough, you may want some outdoor furniture for a place to sit. Consider a couple small rope chair, a rocking chair, or even a wicker loveseat. They're weather resistant and comfortable enough to spend an evening watching the world go by.

You'll also want a small outdoor table to hold your drink and a book or bluetooth speaker.


Finally, you can add some low lighting to create a more intimate setting with a couple of lanterns on your side table. Pop in a couple candles, turn off the porch light, and enjoy the candlelight.


While your back porch may get most of the attention when getting your outdoor space ready for warmer weather, you don't want to neglect the front porch either. It introduces people to your house and it can be used as another living area in your home.

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