How to Design a Multipurpose Room


In 2021, rooms can’t just serve one purpose. 

There’s not just one room we use to eat, one room we use to study, work, or even relax with friends and family. In today’s day and age, rooms are actually meant to do it all, at least they should be.  

We’re the first to admit that creating a multipurpose room might feel daunting at first, especially when, in most cases, every room in your house already has a designated purpose.  

That’s where our design team can lend a helping hand. Here are a few of their best tips for making the most out of our space with a multipurpose design: 


The first step towards crafting the multipurpose room of your dreams is evaluating your current space. Odds are, there’s already a room that is performing multiple duties at once, whether it’s a guest room that doubles as a home gym or a dining room that serves as the perfect Zoom spot. Here are a few helpful questions to ask yourself in choosing the perfect location for your new room: 

  • Which space is currently serving more than one purpose?  
  • Which space do I spend the least amount of time in (and the most)?  
  • What do I need more space for?  
  • And, which space doesn’t feel quite “done”?


Now that you’ve identified your space, it’s time to choose furniture that can be used in unique ways. 

For the multipurpose space you see photographed here, our team wanted to include furniture that allowed our client to use the space as a spare living room, guest hang out space, office, or entertainment room, giving this one design three different purposes.  

Here’s the secret: When picking out furniture make sure it can be used in multiple ways, like the Trey Desk system that’s one part storage, one part bookshelf, and one part desk. 


Whether your multipurpose room is built in a basement, study, or spare bedroom, we’re willing to bet it’s not the biggest space. Spoiler: That’s ok! 

When designing a space that’s meant to do, well, everything. It’s KEY to make the most of every single corner. Our team achieved this by picking out furniture, baskets, and storage units that allow both style and function.  

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No matter how many functions this room is meant to serve, it has to look homey. After all, you’re going to be spending a lot of time here now.  

With that in mind, our design team recommends styling your space with cozy rugs, throws and accent pillows to keep it comfortable.  

They also recommend choosing decor pieces that play into the theme of the room. For example, our client loves playing games, so we made sure to incorporate game elements into our design with a Monopoly game sprawled across the coffee table. 

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Ready to create a multipurpose room of your very own? We thought so! Shop our collection here and make sure to stop by the Parker Gwen blog for more design ideas. 

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