How to Find and Style The Perfect Coffee Table For Your Space


Stylish. Functional. Full of possibility.  

Ladies and gents, the coffee table has entered the room.  

If there’s one thing that we know about coffee tables, it’s this: It needs to be as functional as it is stylish.  

After all, a coffee table has to do the heavy lifting of the room by giving your feet a place to rest, entertaining, being the home to remotes, candles, accessories, and (sometimes) even doubling as a dining table during those at-home movie nights. 

Yet, even despite ALL it does - it’s often one of the pieces we think about the least. New sofa? Stew on it for months. New TV? Let me do my research. New Chair? I have to try it out.

But, new coffee table? Eh, sure, this one looks nice.  

Here’s the hard truth: Get it right and your home looks like it could be in pages of Architectural Digest, but get it wrong, and your living room is doomed from the start. Not that we’re being dramatic, or anything… 

It wouldn’t be right of us to put all this pressure on finding and styling the perfect Coffee Table for your space without giving you a few helpful tips and tricks from our Parker Gwen Design Team. 

Find It. 

Not sure which size or shape coffee table you should even be looking at? Let’s talk about design rules.  

Our design experts recommend that you choose a coffee table that is at least half and no more than ⅔ the length of your sofa. This could look like a long rectangular table, two nesting circles, two square tables and beyond. Have a sectional? No problem! You should ideally look for a coffee table that is half the length of the sofa portion of your sectional, because it will sit inside the L shape. 

What about height? For comfortable entertaining (and foot resting), our team recommends that you find a coffee table that is within three inches of the height of your cushions. This allows for you to easily grab food off the tabletop or relax with ease. 

Here at Parker Gwen, we’ve sourced a wide variety of coffee tables, nesting tables, and ottomans, so that you can find a style that suits your space seamlessly. Take a look at the collection here.

Style It. 

Have your perfect table picked out? Now comes the not-so-difficult task of styling it, thanks to your friends at Parker Gwen.  

Trust us when we tell you that a well-styled coffee table can be a complete game changer for your home. We’re personal fans of designing coffee tables that are stylish, but still usable. Without further ado, here are a few styling strategies that will bring your table to life without getting in your life’s way. 

01 Become a Bookworm

Sometimes the key to a perfectly styled table is a stack of books. From travel, to art, interiors or photography larger table books make for the perfect accessory for your new coffee table.  

When it comes to books, we’re firm believers that less is more. So, just pick your favorites and add them to the stack. 

02 The Tray Treatment

A cute catchall can add a dose of organization and help to define the space on your table. We’re big fans of bold trays - whether it’s in their color, texture, or prints.  

Pro-tip: Be sure the tray you choose isn’t too big, so that it doesn’t make the rest of your table useless.

03 Go Green

It doesn't really surprise you that we're recommending the addition of pops of green, does it? Lately, we've been loving adding a fresh floral arrangement, a small succulent, or even some dried florals (we see you pampas) to our tables.

Whatever you do, make your bouquet, arrangement or dried floral choices don't block your TV view. #Priorities.

04 Accessorize

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize is sure to be our tried and true method for perfecting our tabletop décor.

No table is complete without a statement decorative object. Our favorites, links and chains, candles, decorative balls, vases and beyond. Lucky for you we’ve curated an entire collection of our must-have coffee table accessories for you here.

Need more décor inspiration or guides on picking the right furniture for your home? Make sure to stop by the Parker Gwen blog to get inspired. 

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