Football Bingo & Other Fun Tips for Gameday Parties


Every February, there's a major sporting event that captures the country's attention. Parties are held, bars and restaurants are packed, and people talk about the commercials for days and weeks on end. Of course, that particular sports league doesn't allow companies to use their name for marketing purposes, so we're going to keep it generic.

Below are our tips to make your Football Party a little better.


Football Bingo is a great way to keep everyone actively involved during your football party. Even for those who don't enjoy or watch football.  We created Football Bingo cards as a free download for you. It comes with 12 unique printable cards. 


When the big game is played, only two teams are represented, which means there are plenty of viewers not cheering for a particular team. A fun way to connect with the teams in the game is by serving foods and drinks that are signature to the cities of the teams. For example, Packers - serve different cheeses, Saints - serve Cajun/Creole food.  

Given Kansas City's status as one of the most popular cities for barbecue, this year we recommend pulled pork sandwiches and to represent San Francisco, we recommend a seafood cioppino and sourdough bread. 

Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Seafood Cioppino with Toasted Sourdough Bread

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