How to Make a Cranberry Ginger Winter Cocktail with Thyme


The holiday season has officially entered the group chat. And, while you might not have started getting festive with your holiday home decor just yet, something tells us we know at least one way to help you get in the spirit: A winter cocktail.

When it comes to seasonal cocktails the Parker Gwen team believes the easier the better. Sure, like everything we do, we want our cocktails to look (and taste) darn good. But, we don’t want you to have to spend more than five minutes putting it together.

Enter the Cranberry Ginger Winter Cocktail with Thyme. Perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas and everything in between. Its flavors pull out the perfect amount of cranberry for those who haven’t quite mastered the art of drinking whiskey. But, this drink also aims to please whiskey drinkers with its smoothe, flavorful whiskey punch finish.

Ready to make it for yourself? Here’s how:

How to Make a Cranberry Ginger Winter Cocktail with Thyme INGREDIENTS FOR ONE SERVING

1 oz Whiskey

1oz Cranberry Juice

Top off with Ginger Ale

Ice Handful of Cranberries for Garnish (Optional)

Thyme for Garnish (Pictured)


Find a cocktail shaker and add whiskey, cranberry juice, ice and shake! Pour over a whiskey glass filled with ice and top off with Ginger Ale. Choose your garnish and enjoy!

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