Modern Blue Dining Room Makeover


Moody Blues Mood Board Design

Dining Room Makeover

Overall we wanted the room to feel inviting with modern elements to help stand as a featured room in the house, while still maintaining the style of the home. We purposely picked more modern artwork to help establish a trend-forward look. Below are some of the concepts the Parker Gwen Design Experts used to pull this design together.

Modern Vibes in a Classic Room

Yes, you can use modern furniture in a classic room, but our designers always suggest using “approachable modern”. In other words, blend in products that still have organic elements to them. If you have clean sharp lines try mixing it with some softer curves. You don’t have to overdo the bold colors to get a bold statement. Have one primary color in mind and keep within that theme. Yes, you can have a second color, but make sure it has less weight in the room. Otherwise, you will have two bold elements fighting for your attention.

Cross Dining Table
Wing Nav Chair
Wing Velvet Arm Chair (Navy)
Ripley Windsor Dining Chair
Kapri Sideboard

Black & Blue

At one time it was considered a faux pas to mix navy and black together. We debunk this former design rule by bringing these two colors together in a seamless, effortless way. It creates a presentation that stands out but doesn’t overwhelm. Lately, we have been crushing on black accents. Wood black dining chairs are offset by velvety blue chairs at the head of the table.

Abstract Water Color Left
Abstract Water Color Right
Claiborne Beaded Round Mirror
Nohr Reclaimed Wood Sculptures

Gold/Bronze Accents

We finished the design with golden bronze accents, which help highlight the beauty of this customer’s chandelier. They also look great against the black and blue pieces selected for the room.


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