Movie Night - Take it Outside


With summer nights coming closer to an end, take family movie night right out to your own backyard - your personal “drive-in”.  Reimagine your outdoor space with these simple ideas for an entertaining home experience like no other.
  1. Set the mood - fun lighting strung from the trees or deck are the right amount of twinkle to light the night.  Or, consider some citronella candles or torches filled with citronella scented fuel to keep the bugs at bay.
  2. Get comfy - grab some throw pillows or seat cushions and your favorite blanket or throw…sit back, relax and enjoy the show! 
  3. Technically speaking - stream your family’s favorite movie through your laptop or mobile device directly to a projector.  Wireless speakers are a great option for audio outdoors…they’re portable and will provide great sound for the show.
  4. Get creative - borrow an oversized projector screen from the local library or consider making your own using blackout cloth…a budget-friendly, option!
  5. Warm it up - if you truly enjoy your outdoor space but live in cooler climates, think of investing in an outdoor heater. Patio heaters are the perfect solution for creating the right temperature for your viewing pleasure!
  6. Don’t forget the popcorn - be sure to have everyone’s favorite snacks and drinks ready for the big premiere.  Enhance the experience by putting out some different spices to sprinkle on the popcorn…parmesan for the cheese lover, cocoa powder or cinnamon for those with a sweet tooth, or some cayenne or Mexican chili powder for those who like some spice!
The most important part of making this home experience truly enjoyable is to be in the moment.  Laugh out loud, shed some tears (whether from a touching moment or something truly hysterical), snuggle up and sneak in a hug or kiss (or two!). Time with those we love is the best home experience of all! Find items to help your movie night here


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