Pots and Planters to Add to Your Collection


Plant season is in full swing and we’re digging our hands into every minute of it. From filling empty spaces to softening harsh lines, our outdoor porches and patios are flourishing with pops of green.    

When it comes to picking the right plants, it’s important to consider the basics: environment, durability, light, and maintenance. However, there is one more consideration that the Parker Gwen design team has added to the list: the planter. Picking the right planter is just as important as picking the right plant. They are the piece that is often overlooked, but ultimately tie together an indoor or outdoor space. 

So, for the home-horticulturist with an eye for design, keep reading to see our favorite pots and planters for the season and how you can incorporate them into your landscape.

1. Stone Pots

Whether your patio calls for bright hues or your window needs more neutral color palettes, adding pots with natural materials like stone will look right at home, indoors or out. 

By combining durability and design, stone pots bring out the vibrancy in colorful flowers and lush greens or create a beautiful base for a container garden. 
If you like the durability of stone pots but are craving more texture and design, check out our woven cement pots collections! They have the same visual appeal as indoor baskets but come with loads more stability for your plants.

2. Hanging Planters

The truth is, not every space is ideal for setting out plants on tables or placing them on the ground. Sometimes, it’s better to go up! A dramatically draped ivy, pothos or fern can be just the thing to complete an empty, hard-to-fill corner or wall.

Suspended off the wall, ceiling or standing rack, hanging plants often bring your gorgeous greens closer to eye-level and create more visual interest. 

Pro tip: If you don’t find yourself with a green thumb, getting plants off the ground can increase their longevity by protecting them from crawling insects. 

We are loving this Evita plant stand. As plants grow and fill the rack, this stand can act as a privacy screen or fill a blank wall.

3. Plant Stands

The plant stand trend continues to grow in the gardening ethos and we don’t see it going away anytime soon.

Just like the hanging planters, plant stands are a great way to create a focal point and add more dimension to your plant collection. You might even save enough space to add a few more plants! 

To play up the varying heights, check out these vintage tile planters and stands that come in multiple sizes and this 30” tall planter stand that will take your favorite florals to another level.

What pots and planters are you looking to add to your collection? Comment below to let us know what your favorite planters are!

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