Smart Home Technology is Ideal, Not Intimidating


Smart Home Technology is Ideal, Not Intimidating

Technology advances are constantly changing the world and now they are changing our homes. Smart homes have numerous benefits and are designed to make living a smoother experience. To some, however, the idea of homes using more technology might seem intimidating. The reality of smart home features is that they are not intimidating, they are a helpful extension, so nice that eventually, you forget what life was like before you had them.

There are different kinds of smart home features available to homeowners that all serve to make your home more comfortable. If you want to amp up the security of your home, you can now employ home video monitoring. Products and services like Arlo and Ring give homeowners the ability to keep an eye on their houses no matter where they are. You can also get all the help you ever needed from restocking your kitchen with groceries to checking the weather with a voice assistant like Amazon Echo or Google Home. While a voice assistant checks your weather outside, you can control your temperatures inside with a smart thermostat control like Nest.

Whatever your home needs are, there is likely a smart product that can meet it. The good news about this technology is that even though it is technically “smart,” you can still control it. The benefits of making your home a smart home far outweigh the tech trepidation you may feel.

It's Energy and Cost-Efficient

These home technologies are smart, which means they are smart enough to know when they should and shouldn’t be running. Many smart home tech products can shut themselves down, and how much energy they should be using when they are running. For example, a smart thermostat can alert you to when temps should be raised or lowered and adapts to your temperature preferences.

Not only does smart technology save you energy, it saves you money. Many smart home users have reported saving 10-30% on their energy bills from using smart thermostat tech. Keep comfortable, save money and be kind to the environment all at once!

Nest 3rd Generation Smart Thermostat

It's Safe and Manageable

What could be more convenient for a busy life than a house that takes care of itself for you? Sure, it can’t put the laundry away for your family (yet, anyway,) but smart technologies offer so much convenience. The only step you need to take yourself is setting it up in your home and, in some cases, on a mobile app for remote monitoring.

Rest assured that your home and everything you love about it is safe when you take a vacation because a smart home security system can let you check it from mobile as though you never left. So many smart home technologies can be monitored through mobile, allowing you to lock doors, see cameras, turn on the AC on a hot day and turn on and off appliances from wherever you are.

Ring Floodlight Cam is the first HD security camera with built-in floodlights, two-way talk, and a siren alarm.

Arlo Pro 2 HD Smart Security System allows you to stay in control with 1080p HD quality whether you are using a smartphone, tablet, or computer

It's the Best Personal Assistant

Imagine being able to hire a personal assistant that you only have to pay for once. One of the most popular smart home technologies available today is the voice assistant. A voice assistant like the Amazon Echo with Alexa or Google Home can help you control all the smart devices in your home. Control the TV and music with your voice, set different moods with lighting control, a voice assistant can take care of that for you. The machine learning technology and hands-free capability to complete multiple tasks at once gives your everyday life a level of ease you didn't know you needed. 

Google Home

A smart home isn’t just ideal for your home; it’s also ideal for your family. These technologies make it easy to keep your family safe and comfortable while taking some of life’s little tasks off your plate. Don’t let the idea of technology intimidation prevent you from making your life much easier. Make the smart choice for your home and enjoy some extra peace of mind.

Need help with making your home smarter? Contact us at support@parkergwen.com and one of our customer advocates would be happy to help guide you. 

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