Tips for Hosting a Gameday Party


Whether you are a big sports fan or not, a Super Bowl party is a fun way to get family and friends together. If you think hosting could be a little cumbersome, don't worry. We have a few tips to make hosting easier and get you enjoying the game and the commercials.

Optimal Seating Arrangement

Different from any other party you may throw, all the guests at a Super Bowl party typically all gather in the same room to watch the game. This could create some challenges in making your guests comfortable. However, there are a few ways to help make the TV more accessible for all.

pouf seatingFirst, don't be afraid to rearrange your furniture for the occasion. What may look nice in a room, may not be the best for the providing optimal TV viewing. Angling a sofa or moving an accent chair is a quick fix to get more seating facing the right direction. If you need extra seating, use a stadium as inspiration. Consider your standard furniture in the room the mid-level.  Adding some poufs or large pillows is a great way to provide your guest with ground level seating. Provide an upper deck with barstools surrounding the outer edges of the room behind the sofa or other pieces of furniture.  Using these tips should give everyone a clear view of the game. 

Feeding a Crowd

I always think it's best to avoid entrees when hosting a Super Bowl party. Appetizers are the way to go, especially apps that are easily eaten without silverware. The hardcore football fan may not want to stumble with a fork and knife when trying to keep focused on the game. Have everyone bring their favorite appetizer to help cut down on the number of dishes you have to prepare.

The game will last about 4 hours from start to end, so that cheesy dip that looked great during the first quarter may start to look questionable by halftime. Use slow cookers at a low level to help keep the food warm throughout the game. You could also use a steel buffet server. 

slow cooker

Shhh, The Commercials are On

There is always that one in the room that will make sure everyone knows the commercials have started. If you want to deliver the best Super Bowl experience make sure to have some added audio beyond your TV speakers. Some think adding a soundbar or home theater system is for the making the volume louder or providing bigger booms.  However, these devices also help with clarity, which means you can better understand the dialogue of the show you are watching without turning the volume up. A soundbar is an easy way to achieve this benefit.  Trust me, the commercial shusher will appreciate it


Your Team Isn't Playing

No worries. You can still have plenty of fun. One way to make it interesting is to prepare foods from the hometowns of the teams fortunate enough to be playing for the championship. The Saints are playing, make something Cajun. The Ravens, how about crab cakes? Packers...cheese, cheese, and more cheese. 

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