Tips for Styling Our Best-Selling Silas Chair


A striking silhouette paired perfectly with design-forward details.  

It’s no surprise that the Silas Leather Chair is one of our best-selling accent pieces - in each of it’s four stunning colors.  

Thinking of adding one to your space, or already have it set for delivery? Our design team is sharing a few of their best tips for styling the Silas in your space. 

Tip #1: Let It Have It’s Moment

The Silas Leather Chair makes an impact on it’s own. So, we’ll run the risk of sounding just a bit cliché by stating the obvious: Less is more.  

Add a pillow or blanket for some texture, but don’t go too overboard, and let the details of the Silas Chair’s buckles do the talking. Here, our designers added complimentary details with built-in shelving behind the chair, giving the Silas room to breathe.

Tip #2: Put It At Center Stage

The Silas is meant to be a show stopper. That’s why our designers recommend placing it at center stage.  

Be sure to showcase it’s backside in your design layout, so that your guests can see the parachute strapping made of canvas, leather, and metal buckles at first glance. 

Pro-Tip: These details look even better when they’re multiplied by two Silas Chairs.

Tip #3: Pair With Neutral Accents 

It’s easy to over decorate. But, with the beauty of the Silas, your best bet is to complement its details with neutral accents like a muted side table, books, or minimal decorative objects.  

Here, our designers layered on muted books behind the chair, links, and subtle black decorative accents so that your eye immediately flows to the chair. No matter your style from traditional to modern, it’s easy to find pieces that seamlessly mix with the Silas. 

Looking for decorations to style next to your space? Click here. Or, check out our blog for more tips and tricks on styling our pieces in your home.

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