Top Pieces for Spring Organization with Parker Gwen


It’s that time of year again! The smell of spring air, a little extra sunshine, and you may have found yourself holding up random objects and asking if they spark joy. 

But what comes after this? Once you’ve determined what items spark joy, this is where the Parker Gwen design team comes in! Love it or hate it, organizing is a part of adulting we all have to face…and we LOVE it. 

 One of the most important rules of organization is that every item in your home must have a home. Below are our favorite pieces that check the box for both function and aesthetic.


Never underestimate the versatility of bookshelves. 

In our opinion, bookshelves are a ‘best of both worlds’ item. They are great for storing smaller items while also adding a decorative flare. Not to mention, they make for a killer shelfie.

Display your most beautifully bound books, records, photo albums, picture frames, vases, potted plants, or travel memorabilia. In between, use decorative boxes and baskets to store documents, magazines, and those beloved books that don’t have the most design-forward covers. 

For those larger pieces you love but would rather hide, take a look at our bookshelves with cabinet doors! 

If bookshelves aren’t your thing, open shelves can achieve the same organization goals with a different flair.

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Media Consoles

Cords, gaming consoles, remote controls, sound bars and speakers…. TV’s come with a LOT of clutter. And, it’s not cute. 

We like to clean up these pieces and neatly store them in media console shelving. Not only does it create a sleek space for movie night, but it also adds a quality focal point to your room. You can also store board games, music players, or other items you like to use in your living space. 

Determine what you want to store in your console and how much you want to be seen, then look for a console with closed cabinets, open shelving, or a mix of both.


You didn’t think we’d miss an opportunity to talk about baskets…did you? Large, small, round, square, woven, rattan, wired, and everything in between, we love our baskets! 

Baskets have a unique way of organizing just about any item in your home. 

What can you put in a basket? It might be easier to ask, what can’t they store? Roll up some extra blankets and pillows for when you’re feeling the hygge vibe, place them on a shelf to hide away small items, or organize those miscellaneous pieces that would otherwise clutter your room. 

Bottom line: You can never have too many baskets.

Serving Trays

A major key to staying organized…don’t forget about the little things! 

Trays are great for visually organizing coffee tables, entryway consoles, dining tables, and much more. We love to mix in practical items like car keys, mail, newspapers, and TV remotes, with decorative touches like small plants, coffee table books, candles, coasters and other tabletop décor. 

If you love layering, take a look at our tray sets!

Storage Trunk

If we’re being honest, we all need those places where we throw our items, shut the lid, and forget it! Storage trunks can be just that. They are great for organizing just about anything while also adding to your rooms design. Throw in extra blankets, shoes, bags, toys, off-season clothes, or whatever you need to get out of sight. 

Storage trunks look great at the end of a bed, under a window, in an entryway, and so many places in between.

For more of our favorite pieces to organize our home, check out our Parker Gwen furniture collections.

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