Why You Should Be Incorporating Black Accents in Your Space



A few months ago, we wrote about trendy spring colors, including classic blue, yellow, and olive green. But the color that’s been stuck on our minds ever since (not to mention all over Instagram) is black.

Specifically, Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black Paint (although any black will do). There's just something about black that adds texture, dimension and excitement all at once.

Like we said back in April:
Paint a room black? Sure, if you've got the right kind of room. A black wall, or even a black room, combined with lighter, brighter colors can give you a modern, chic look. TheSpruce.com raves about Sherwin-Williams Tricorn black, because it's "void of any undertones and pairs beautifully with nearly every shade." You can use it in your living room, or even your bedroom. Sherwin-Williams said painting your TV wall black can camouflage your television when it's turned off. But a white sofa or piece of artwork can really stand out against a black backdrop.

Black is such a dramatic color that, if you do it right, it can make a statement. Too much black in the wrong setting and you can drain all the color and life from a room. But using it as an accent color or even a full room? That can be gorgeous if you do it right.


Black Accents Bedroom - Throw and Wall

For example, you could have a piece or two of black furniture in your light-colored living room, like a couch and accent chair. Or a black headboard or nightstand in your bedroom. You could even use black plates in the dining room. Those will stand out against a white or yellow table cloth in your dining room.

Wall Art

Black Accents Living Room - Wall Art and Decor

Imagine a black accent wall in your living room, with a white or light gray couch against it. Just think of how much more that couch will pop against the black backdrop. Or a piece of art or other wall decor against the flat matte black.

Where to Paint

Black Accents - Kitchen - Trim

If you didn't want an entire wall to be painted black, you can still get the same effect by painting a few doors and frames black as a way to offset the wall color. You can achieve an especially eye-catching look if you have white or even yellow walls. (Or go the opposite way, and use white trim on a black wall.)

Or how about a black area rug in an all white room — white walls, white furniture, and even a white carpet. The effect can be bold enough to make your visitors catch their breath without even knowing why.

Home Decor

Black Accents Entryway - Wall Designs

Don't let the color black frighten you when it comes to your home decor. It can be used to great effect in your home, whether it's a piece of furniture, an accent wall, area rug, or even an entire room.

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