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Don't know where to start? No worries. We do. Whether you have an empty space you need to fill, or a  room that needs a total refresh, the design experts at Parker Gwen will help you create your ideal home. With expertise in both furnishings and home technology, Parker Gwen is the only retailer that can offer you a complete home experience

We're a team of home enthusiasts who are passionate about designing interiors that not only look good, but also provide function and entertainment with the latest in entertainment electronics and home assistant technology. We stand by the products we offer and marry that with personalized customer support to lead the home design industry.

What's Included

One on One Collaboration and Guidance

A Parker Gwen design expert will work directly with you to create an ideal room — or several rooms — uniquely designed for you. Our experts stay educated about the latest home trends and how to  incorporate them into livable spaces. We believe the best designs not only look great, but they’re also functional and usable. We create living rooms and family rooms, not showrooms.

A Mood Board

Once we talk to you, spend some time getting to know you, and understand your needs, we will create a mood board to help coordinate our design ideas. Our Mood Board review will let you absorb the look and feel of the design before we move to the next stage. You'll get a feeling for our thoughts, be able to make changes, and work together to give your room its one-of-a-kind look and feel.

Floor Plan

After taking your room measurements, our team can lay out the placement of the furniture, decor, and electronics. The layout will help showcase the sizing of your space and show you how all the pieces will come together

3D Rendering

As part of your room makeover, we'll provide you with a 3D virtual rendering to show you what the newly-designed space will look like. This will let you see the "completed" version before making the final decisions on your new space.

Post Design

The Parker Gwen design team will always ensure you are fully satisfied with your new design and decor. We'll coordinate the items you selected, provide any available discounts, and help manage the delivery of your new goods.

How Does it Work

Do you need to update an entire room or do you have an empty space that needs filling? Send us images of your room, and share any pictures or social posts with your current ideas and style preferences if you have them.

Do you have any current furniture you would like to save and incorporate into the newly-designed space? No problem! We'll incorporate them into the design so your favorite piece will always have a home. We'll collaborate with you over email, text, or phone, whichever works best for you.

Once we have an idea of your needs and desires, we will begin working on your personalized design and bring you an initial concept. From there, we'll take your feedback to finalize the design before giving you the 3D rendering of your new room.

Parker Gwen is uniquely positioned to design rooms with the technology you need for a complete home experience. We can even recommend and provide the video, audio, and home assistant/smart speaker technology if you need it.

Finally, we only suggest products that meet our design and quality standards. We are experts with a long history in these products, so we know which colors will coordinate and which furniture will fit to give you the home experience you've always dreamed of having.



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